At Polibox Ltd we have operated in the
industrial packaging sector for more than 20
years therein establishing ourselves as one of the marketplace leaders.Our experience has guided us in developing a wide range of products that allow us to satisfy even the most complex requirements. Our products range from the innovative Kraft and 3D Pack systems to foldable and modular packaging systems, which are perfected by our Polibox Klip fastening system. Every product can be adapted to fit clients' needs by adding accessories that increase protection from impacts (contour poly-foam cushioning) as well as from external agents (dehydrating salts and double barrier sacks).

In addition to being value for money, our solutions also provide benefits in terms of efficiency by allowing, for example the closure of the package without the aid of tools, which means they can be reused.
Our systems guarantee safety of clients' shipments
Our packaging fully complies with International Phytosanitary standards as issued by the FAO.
Our management system has been qualified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard by the prestigious German entity Dasa Raegister.
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